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How to start your car after it stalls in high water

It is quite common to see that your car stalls in high water during the rainy season. Many people misinterpret that they can drive through the water without any damage. However, it is not possible for all, as the ignition components would become wet and prevent the spark. The problem would be much severe, if the car is older.

The car stalls in high water, making it difficult to start, as the air intake may suck water into the engine and hydro-lock the motor. As the water fills the cylinder, it is impossible for the pistons to compress the water.

You can start your car after it stalls in high water, by removing the spark plugs and discharging the water from the cylinders. You can then re-install the spark plugs. You can then try to start the engine. If you cannot start the engine, you need to try some other way to get it started.

It is advisable to check first whether the engine would spin. You can access the crank nut by removing the fan. If it is not possible to turn it by your hand, it is then an indication of severe engine damage. The problem may be due to the possible lock up of the starter. It is important not to overlook any electrical related issues, while diagnosing the engine. If the engine damage is due to the inability of water compression, you can then try pumping oil to achieve some compression.

You can start your car after it stalls in high water by turning the engine over a few times after removing all the spark plugs out. Sometimes, you may have to change the plug fuel and oil.

If you do not want to spend money to start your car, you can try ethamax, which is an all-purpose fuel treatment. You can remove water out of the fuel tank by your own and try to start your car.  If you find it difficult to do this job, you can get the help of a mechanic.

If the car does not start, due to the presence of water in the battery terminals, there is no other option but to buy a new battery then. You can cover the terminals in waterproof grease. If your distributor cap is wet or cracked, you have to replace it with a new one. Generally, the distributor cap would be cracked, when you try to drive through a puddle. You can then start your car easily.


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